Fixing vriska arm´s. 

He es fixing my roboarm. Cons are very hard to Vriskas like me :3

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I find it interesting that in this new opening our two geniuses, Armin and Hanji, are both shown with their faces covered in blood. Armin clearly got the worst end of the stick, but notice that the only part of his face which isn’t covered with blood is his mouth. Meanwhile most of the blood on Hanji’s face is around hers.

What does this really symbolize, other than the fact that if they were to smash their faces together, they would be completely covered in red?

Armin’s segment of the opening is pretty straight forward in the symbolism. He is presented as the only shining light when all of the other candles have gone out; showing his brilliance, even when he is symbolically covered in blood. He can make the right choices even in moments of dread; simple, but effective imagery.

Meanwhile Hanji’s segment is less symbolic, and more straight forward of showing her personality. She is smiling at this moment, telling of her blood thirst. 

The blood patterns makes me think that this was a deliberate way of showing the differences between these two very intelligent characters. Armin is shown to be level headed, and Hanji is more spontaneous. Armin has a severe expression (in the next frame), and Hanji is excited.

I find it interesting that the anime team chose to display these differences and draw parallels between these two characters. Because Armin and Hanji are indeed very different characters, but there is one thing which they have in common; their intelligence. They act very differently, but are often thought to have the same thinking pattern.

It’s also interesting to note that the people they are the closest to - Eren and Levi respectively - are also very different characters, similar only in their desire to eradicate titans (showing a similar way of thinking at that end). And Eren is complementary to Armin by having the blood thirst of Hanji, whereas Levi is complementary to Hanji by having the calmness of Armin.

I am glad the anime made this comparison. 

Or that I have the ability to read waaaaay into things and show my Eren/Armin Levi/Hanji bias. 

Thank you for wording this out, I was thinking the exact same thing, good yes. I love this.

I think Armin’s mouth has no blood ‘cause Hanji kissed him

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pics from my Vriska Serket photoset :3

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Some of the photos i took today with my Vriska cosplay at a convention in my city.

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mindfulloflies ha dicho: DON'T MAKE ME EXPLAIN MYSELF that would be awkward thank you pfffdgjsafsdfasdf sorry

Gif animado

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mindfulloflies ha dicho: I DARE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Sterek must be canon

You dare me to the moon and back

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mindfulloflies ha dicho: I DOUBLE DARE YOU

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Ukitake has white hair

You have a pretty face

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Omg, this cute

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Is time for Khaleesi

Is time for Khaleesi

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